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Company Memory
Chengde Rehe-KROHNE 20 years history
1988 Imported H27 metal tube filowmeter from KROHNE.
1991 Chengde Rehe-KROHNE was established, the main production was the H series and the DK series flowmeters.
1993 The company registered capital reached to 41,316,800 yuan, China and Germany hold shares change of 49.72% and 50.28%, respectively, a joint venture of years extension to 30 years.
1993 Imported DW series flow switch.
1994 Produced H29 metal tube float flowmeter.
1995 Produced H54 and DK38 metal tube float flowmeter.
1995 The company moved to the Chengde High-Tech Development Zone, the new plant put into use.
1995 Development DK39 small flowmeter, filled the flow space of the H series and DK32.
1996 Passed the ISO 9002 Quality Management System certification.
1996 Produced H250 metal tube float flowmeter.
1997 Produced DWM1000 and DWM2000.
1998 Produced BW25 andVFM1091K.
1998 Produced BW17.
1998 Produced BW26.
1999 Passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification.
2000 Produced BW34.
2000 Produced BW51.
2001 Implement ERP.
2001 Held CRK 10 anniversary celebration ceremony.
2002 Implement kingdee software system, realize financial computerization.
2005 Passed PED certificate issued by the Germany TüV.
2005 DWM2000 software, ESKⅡ-Z type software, VFM1091G software and VFM5090G software got software product certification.
2006 Beijing branch established.
2006 Produced KPM baffle flowmeter.
2006 Obtain type approval certificate issued by China Classification Society.
2006 Held CRK 15 anniversary celebrations.
2006 Produced BM70X.
2006 Produced DK800/VA40/VA45/GA24.
2007 Produced OPTIWIRL4070.
2007 Production of new temperature measurement.
2008 KROHNE Group Quality Conference held in CRK.
2008 Held beidaihe meeting, put forward a long period goal in the future.
2009 Built a new plant.
2009 Held Beijing meeting to discuss under the financial crisis, CRK should take market strategy and tactics.
2010 Mr.ChenJianlong as the Board of Directors of the joint venture.
2010 Held Beidaihe meeting.
2011 Held CRK 20 anniversary celebrations
2012 Completed sales of 260 million yuan, the victory to achieve the objectives of the board.

Breaking the inherent sales model, the implementation of the eight regional sales management, large regional offices in the local recruitment, recruitment of home sales engineers.

2014 ERPLN and CRM are officially launched.
2015 CRK Board of Directors made a resolution to extend the joint venture company for 20 years.
2017 Started production of intelligent gas turbine flowmeter.
2018 Obtained by the German TüV ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.
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