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Flow Measurement

KROHNE has unique expertise when it comes to flow measurement. And we don’t just demonstrate our ability with standard applications but also with applications that are demanding, requiring custom solutions. For us, customer orientation starts as early as research and development.

Many of our products which are considered today’s industrial standards, were developed in cooperation with our customers. Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation: Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic liners for highly corrosive media in chlorine chemistry. Mass flowmeters with just one straight tube – ideal for highly viscous media and low flow speeds. Ultrasonic flowmeters for custody transfer, working according to the time-offlight method. Vortex measuring devices with integrated pressure and temperature compensation. And variable area flowmeters: they established KROHNE’s business in 1921, today we can’t imagine KROHNE without them, if a local display is to ensure the redundancy and the certainty of the system.

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